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The Cloud LGS leadership team is stacked with individuals all possessing their unique set of skills and expertise. Collectively our team members specialize in all areas of web design, software programming, internet marketing, business development, sales, and client acquisition.

Jason ValasekCEO & Founder
Online marketing expert and internet entrepreneur since 2007. The majority of my professional career has been focused on business growth strategies for myself, other business owners and mentors I’ve had along the way. I’ve been fortunate to work for a variety of entrepreneurs and skilled business professionals. Each mentor provided me with new experiences and helped me develop new marketing skills. My marketing campaigns have generated over $300 million in new revenue for Arizona business owners. I’ve implemented marketing campaign strategies that have generated millions of leads and continue to generate over $30 million dollars annually for local Arizona businesses.

Today my experience includes tactical website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, social media management, content writing, blogging, graphic design, lead funnels, email marketing, sales closing, appointment setting and business coaching.

Jason is the CEO and founder of Cloud LGS. In 2007 Jason began developing online marketing platforms to help starter entrepreneurs and business owners get more customers. Jason relocated to Arizona from Nebraska in 2001 to obtain his degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. Passionate about entrepreneurism, Jason moved to San Diego California immediately after college graduation to open his first business with a trusted friend and mentor.

Jason has helped many businesses reach new levels of revenue not previously seen before. Jason has helped a collection of small businesses generate several hundred million dollars of new revenue. Today, Jason continues to passionately pursue new growth milestones with select clients and his own business ventures. In his free time he still chooses to stay focused on entrepreneurial-related tasks and initiatives. At some point Jason would like to add new hobbies into his regimen. For now Jason says after executing a full day of business, getting to the gym, and sprinkling in some personal time with loved ones and friends, there isn’t much time for anything else. And he’s OK with that!

"I am absolutely 100% without a doubt obsessed and completely immersed into entrepreneurism. The last two decades of my life have been focused solely on learning what makes businesses successful. Almost every spare moment I have is thinking of new tools and strategies to help stimulate growth. My passion is finding breakthrough strategies that help businesses solve for missed opportunities. I personally have experienced almost every side of growth and failure in business. I truly believe in the soul of my heart that I've been preparing my entire adult life to build the largest company the world has ever seen. I have no intention of giving up until I do."
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